Thursday, October 27, 2011

MAXI-CHIC Thursday

Yay! it's another thursday and by now you know it's our Bohemian chic style finds. This time we are going all out for the Maxi craze...To keep the list short, It's all about the Maxi skirt and pants. If your looked around you this spring and summer, it was a maxi fest, from pleated to straight, midi to max. With maxi the styling is endless, you can dress it up or down, you don't need to achieve the conservative and boring look as one might associate with long, flowy,skirts or pants.

The list of Maxi-chic looks include runway, celeb looks, and some fabulous street styles.
Top-Bottom (Fendi, Jill Sander, Michael Kors)

Rachel Bilson

 Bottom: Vanessa Hudgens

Street Style-Maxi
In the gorgeous pants is Camilla of Glamgerous, she is not afraid to rock her bell bottom pants in the middle of skinny craze because the wide legs are indeed making a come back this fall.

 The second (below) look is totally stunning, a perfect example of dressing it up. A combination of green, grey, and white. This is Maddy of Maddinka, check out her blog for details on the outfit.

 I hope you're all having a blast-filled week...Happy Halloween if you plan on dressing up for it.
See you next Thursday for another Boho-Chic rendition,but stay tuned for the daily happening in BSJ.

As always - Stay Stylish


  1. Love this blog post! Great job Stella!

  2. love the jill sander skirt/dress and your pick!

    xoxo navy & orange


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