Friday, October 28, 2011

Have a beauty-full weekend.......

Catch ya' Monday ;)

be free,

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  1. Hi Myisha,

    It's Mary, your neighbor at Loft 204 here...In looking through a bit of your blog, which is a total blast to look through by the way, I am wondering if you think there are boho clothes out there for the curvy woman's body. If I wear a maxi, I look like a house. There's just got to be a way. Though I'm an artist, I am not a 3-dimensional artist but I have a 3-dimensional body. Don't know if you're a stylist but you certainly know & love style.

    My thought has been – stick to classics and boho them up with accessories. Do you agree, or is there some OTHER WAY? Some of us are desperately looking for fun, stylish clothes (that express us) and don't make us look matronly or like we're trying too hard. Could be a blog subject? May not be your target audience, I don't know. I just found myself inspired here. So thought I'd ask.

    You and I are both very busy but I still want to sit and do the coffee thing with you. I read about your overwhelm and boy could I relate. This entire month has been nothing but that. I continue learning how to find balance. God is doing a new thing...


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