Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I truly value my friends and my friendships. I've never been the type of girl to have many friends. Believe it or not I've always been somewhat of a loner type. Not because I didn't like people, but because I just preferred to keep my circle small. Well it is almost impossible to do that in business. Sometimes you have to open yourself up to new relationships and friendships in order to grow (in life and business). At first I had a difficult time opening myself to a new circle of friendships, but then it got easier and easier.  I've always heard certain women say that they don't like to have several female friends because "women are messy." Well one thing I've realized is that the person who normally says that is the person who is usually creating the mess....Lol! Those are people I watch out for,  and as of lately those are people I have cut out of my life. I look for certain qualities in people when I decide I want to spend my time with them, lunch with them, have personal moments with them. Just like when choosing a mate, I believe we must be selective in choosing our close friends as well, but not so closed off from people who seem "different" that we miss out on the opportunity to make a great friendship with someone who looks different, or is from a different culture, or age group.

Anyhoo, I will touch more on this subject later because there is so much to be said. Anybody who knows me and is my friend knows that I care about them, expect things from them, love them, am honest with them, and will be there for them. That's how I roll with my friends. ;)

How do you guys feel about friendships? Do you have several, or just a few? Are open to knew friendships, or do you keep it to a minimum at all times?


  1. I have a few close friends, my husband is one of them. I would say a handful that I really trust. They are hard to come by.

  2. "Well one thing I've realized is that the person who normally says that is the person who is usually creating the mes"

    Amen to that statement. I have a ton of friends!!! Everyone is not on the same level but I am pretty good at knowing who to consider friend and who not. I don't keep around anyone that I cannot trust and I'm always open to meeting new people!

  3. I have had the same close friends most of my life or at least over 20 years. My friends are like my sisters. I believe my friendships last a long time because I don't try to make them into something they are not. Each one brings a different spin on things, and I respect that about them.

  4. @LocalCeleb Yes, my hubby is 1 of my close friends as well. It's sad but great friends are hard to come by.

    @Sunny I like your outlook on friendships Sunny!

    @Glenda You always provide such sound advice and wisdom in your comments. Love reading your comments!


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