Thursday, March 29, 2012

Boho-Chic: UMA | Dona Karan

It's thursday again! I hope it's sunny and springy wherever you BSJ lovelies are.
If you couldn't wait for spring to start, you're so not alone. Sometimes I feel like once the sun comes out, I could finally achieve all the wrap sheet of goals I planned in the winter...

Anyhow nevermind my "thinking out loud"
Today's boho-chic features are inspired by the casually chic and natural toned colors.

UMA- Spring/Summer Campaign

Dona Karan | Casual Luxe for Spring 2012
Dona Karan toned the Spring brightness way down this time.
Let's just say she found her inspiration from nature itself.
There's a lot to love about these pieces (I hope it's not just me) but you have to be born brave to pull them off, a mix and matching of the separates will definitely take it to another cool level.

By the way feel free to tell me what you absolutely Hate | Love about
 any of these collections.

enjoy your weekend


  1. I enjoy wearing earthy tones during the spring. Khaki, white, ivory, and sand tones. And I love linen and cotten and lots of it! Check out Michael Kors' spring 2012 collection. I'm lovin' it!!

  2. Love when you "think out loud"! You should do it more here on the blog :)


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