Tuesday, September 10, 2013


7 years ago I lost my best friend of 20+ years and the God-mother of my son. No, she didn't die, but our friendship did. When I think back on how the friendship ended it seems so stupid, and if I explained the story to you, you'd probably be just as perplexed as I was 7 years ago. Anyhow, at the time I was a "toughy" and rationalized it as oh well, her bad....I'm the best friends she's ever had. Wrong approach and thinking, and how ignorant and arrogant of me to think that way. I've lived and learned a lot about friendship since then.

Fast forward to February 2013 when I was invited to a mutual friend of ours B-day party and my ex-best friend was there. We hadn't spoken or seen each other in 7 years. We were inseparable that evening. We talked all night. We texted the next day. We met up 2 weeks later and talked until 3 a.m. We met again the weekend after and talked and cried about a sisterhood lost for 7 years. We apologized for things we had and had not done. We've made amends. We've both changed for the better. We've both grown up a hell of a lot. I do consider her my sister, my family and my great friend again.

It has been such a fun summer with her in my life, and I'm happy to be there for her again as well. Friendship means everything to me and the women in my life are so important. I have several acquaintances, but there are only a few women that I call my true friends; women that I share my heart aches, joys, dreams, and sorrows with.

To my besties, my boo thangs, my bff's, my sister friends......I love you guys to pieces & I seriously don't know what I would do without you all.


xoxo, M.


  1. I've been there, and it's a blessing to be able to reconnect and start where you stopped, no one blaming, everyone open to move on.

    1. Hi LaToya, Yes, it is a blessing. So happy we've grown and was able to have that conversation without playing the blame game.

  2. Its good to hear your friendship was restored!


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