Monday, September 16, 2013

The no fuss look....

Hey guys! Hope you all had an eventful weekend. Well, I just wanted to stop in and share my new love for effortless know that look that is put together, but looks like you just threw it on before exiting the house. Yep, that's the new look that I absolutely love! I call it the "no fuss look."

Two of the women who I believe pull that look off perfectly are Halle Berry and Nicole Murphy. I've been a fan of Berry's look for a while now, but I'm just discovering Nicole Murphy's boho chic style. As I approach the big 4-0 (next year...eek) I've come to appreciate low key fashion staples like long cardigans in every color, good fitting jeans, chic scarves, billowy tunic style tops, and good quality maxi dresses. These are items that I'm willing to pay a bit extra for because I know they are transitional pieces that I can wear year round in California.

Below are a few of the looks I love from these two gorgeous boho-chic women! Do you appreciate this style as well?



xoxo, M.


  1. I have Halle on my list of Style Crushes. I love her look! Amazing how much the two ladies you represented look alike!

    1. Hi Glenda! Yes, I realized that they had a similar look when I started loading the pictures.


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