Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Watts Drum Festival...

Last Saturday the hubs decided mid-day that he wanted to head out to Watts and check out the annual drum festival at the Watts Towers. We were chilling so hard that I didn't expect us to be able to peel ourselves from our chill modes.  The hubs had been napping all day because he works full time and is a full time student, so the weekends are his only chance to rest. I was on the computer catching up on my blogs, and our son was upstairs doing homework.  So when my hubs popped up and said, "Let's roll" it totally caught me off guard. But we sprang into action, got dressed, and headed out the door in less than 30 minutes....Hence our laid back attire. I was excited to wear my new built in wedge sneakers...My son laughed and said, "Mom, I never see you in those type of shoes." They were comfy and perfect for the laid-back outing.

Anyhoo, we ended up having a beautiful day out. We enjoyed the african drumming, vendors, food, and snapped plenty of pictures. I'm actually glad we got off our butts and got out. Below are a few snap shots from our time at the Watts Festival.

Graffiti Bridge - Watts, Ca.

 Watts overpass 


Loving on my lil' guy

Best Italian Ice ever!

Strolling in my new Candies {Isabel Marant inspired} sneaks

Fun times chatting with these beautiful ladies

Amazing manmade Watts Towers


Me & my love

Hubs & Son

Me + My mini me

{all pictures taken by D. Turner unless he's in the picture ;)}


  1. Precious! Your hubby is a great photog!


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