Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hello Fall!

Hey there lovelies,

Whelp, it looks like summer is coming to an end. Yippee!!!! As much as I love wearing spaghetti strapped dresses, hanging at the beach, and enjoying outdoor concerts, this California heat has been brutal and I'm ready for some cooler weather. Plus, fall is my absolute favorite season. There's just something special to me about warm autumn tones, changing leaves, sitting on the porch wrapped in a shawl sipping a warm drink, and snuggling just a bit tighter at night.

As I welcome September and the nearing of fall, I've had a full summer filled with hard work, travel, me time and more. Below are some pictures from the past few weeks of my summer life.

Ice cream at Mitchell's in Cleveland

The Arcade Building in Cleveland

Spa Day at the Mission Inn Spa

Spa treats.

My fave Target sandals right now. 

Lunch & Dessert at Las Campanas after Spa'ing.

Me time...magazine, coffee & fresh flowers. 

Just me clowning!

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