Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Summer Vacay | Part II | Portland

Hello there lovelies! I'm back to share more details about our road trip to Portland, Oregon. We arrived Friday evening and I had a laundry list of places to see, so we (hubby and I ) hit the ground running. Myles opted to stay in our room at the Hyatt Place Hotel that evening and rest, which gave us an opportunity to have a date night.

We hit a lot of places, in several neighborhoods over the 2 1/2 days that we were there, and overall I really enjoyed the city. I didn't see many people of color, since Portland is made up of approximately 73% percent Caucasian people. And the few African American neighborhoods that are left, are being gentrified. However, everyone we came across was friendly, the neighborhoods felt quaint, the city was clean and there seems like Portland always has activities year round. So I'm imagining we could have taken this trip at any time of the year and had a great experience because of the variety of events in the city.

Anyhoo, below are some of the spots we visited and really enjoyed! Of course, I was most excited about visiting the Portland State University Farmer's Market. And as I suspected...It provided tons of inspiration that I needed to grow Heritage Farmers Markets.

Great Ambience,  Music,  Craft Cocktails, & Bartenders 

Verde Cocina at PCU is a must! The food is delicious!

Stumptown on Division Street.  I had a cold brew coffee from Venezuela. I really enjoyed it! 

Delicious ice cream concoctions at Salt & Straw. I believe they've now opened one in L.A.

PDX Wine Bar & Urban Winery was one of my favorite spots. Such a neat place! One side was a wine tasting room & restaurant, and the other an actual winery. 

Strolling downtown PDX.

Nike town Bikes.

Everybody Bikes in Portland.

My guys.

Alberta Arts District where gentrification is in full swing. 

The best Hazelnut Latte I've ever had at Brass Bar inside Barista PDX

Public Art in Downtown Portland

A few other cool places to visit:

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