Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Dinner with Friends

Hey there lovelies! Hopefully, you are somewhere in the world where the leaves have changed color and the air is crisp. As for us Southern Californians....the weather has been brutal during the day. I'm talking 90 to 100 degree weather! I love California, but I sometimes find myself wishing we could see a clearer change in the seasons.

Anyhoo, last month my girlfriends Monica, Tearsa and I ended our Summer with a bang! We attended a Handmade Events event called Pop Up Dinner LA. A Pop Up event generally means a spontaneous or unique event where participants create an unexpected, one-of-a-kind experience, and this event was truly unique!

First off, we purchased our tickets months ago not knowing where the location was. The only information they gave us was the time of the event, and instructions on what to bring. We were told that the venue location was private and would be revealed via email 3 hours prior to the start time. We were also told to wear all white, and bring food, drinks and table decor to create our own unique table scape for the evening. Handmade Events was responsible for providing a swank location, music, wine tasting and lots of cool backdrops for optimal photo taking.

Our beautifully curated & decorated table decor.

Once we found out the location was on the Santa Monica Pier, we decided to take an Uber so that we could enjoy the evening without worrying about a designated driver. When we arrived, we realized it was quite a distance to the actual pier area. At that moment, we were so happy that we'd pre-ordered our meal and bubbly from the venue catering company, so there was less for us to carry. Once we got to the pier and staked our claim on a table, we realized that we didn't bring a table cloth. We got crafty really quickly and used one of our cable knit throw blankets. It turned out to be the perfect addition to our decor, and made our set up stand out from everyone else! We received so many compliments on our table scape.

Delicious Prosecco by Chloe Wine Collection

All in all, I really enjoyed the spontaneity of this entire process. I had such a wonderful time as well as Monica and Tearsa. We've already discussed interest in attending the next event...can't wait!


  1. This is so fabulous! And love your table scape! Perfection. I wish they did something like this here.

    1. Hey Faith! Thank you! We had a really fun time. And yes, they should definitely think about doing these events in several places....It was a great experience that I'm sure you would enjoy.


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