Monday, November 28, 2016

In Style with Warby Parker

Happy Holidays lovelies! Hope you all had a very relaxing Thanksgiving filled with good food and tons of face to face time with loved ones. I rolled back into the country from Italy on Thanksgiving evening, and it was so nice to eat a festive meal and get quality time in with family.

Upon my return, I found myself wanting to step my fashion game waaaaaaaay up! The Italians really know how to put an everyday effortlessly chic look together. I saw so many well-dressed men and women while there, and the fashion even extended to their accessories....Think briefcase, purse, brooches, and eye wear.

I feel like I can pull a fairly decent look together for any occasion, however, I never really thought much about the eye wear part of my outfit. So, I've found myself wanting a more tailored look including cute specs.

Below are some cool glasses that I absolutely love from Warby Parker's new Winter Collection! I've always been a fan of their brand and I'm looking forward to adding a few of their new glasses to my winter wardrobe. I wear prescription glasses and thankfully, Warby Parker also offers the option to fill your more on that here.

Here are some looks from my trip to Italy and how well they pair with Warby Parker's new collection.

I'm such a fan of pale pink and nudes these days, that I'd definitely pair these Elderflower Crystal Louise glasses with all of my soft pink and neutral outfits.  

I love coats with epaulettes because they add such structure to an outfit. The Percey glasses in the Mission Clay Fade style also give you that pulled together, buttoned-up look. These would pair nicely with my coat and they come in a variety of cute colors like Crystal and Scarlett Tortoise!

I had fun with this sporty pulled together look. It's so unexpected to see a hoodie paired with a skirt and sneakers. The Warby Parker Goodney glasses in the Birch Tortoise color would work great with this outfit! They add such a fun and playful element to this look. 

It was so difficult to choose which glasses I loved the most from the Warby Parker Winter Collection. So many of them would be perfect additions to my winter wardrobe. Be sure to check out their new collection here and their wonderful Holiday Gift Guide here and let me know what you think! 

I'll be back later in the week with a 3-4 part post about my trip to Italy. Including trips to Rome, Florence and Venice!!!! Stay tuned! 


  1. Thanks for recommending Warby Parker! I'm going to try the Home Try-on! Nice!

    1. You're welcome! Hope you and the family are well!


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