Saturday, December 31, 2016


Hello there lovelies! I hope you all rang in the new year spending time doing something you love and affirming all of the progress you made in 2016. There's so much hype over what you should be doing in the new year, which can be very overwhelming. The stress of starting anew can be taxing, but I'm here to tell you that while the year is definitely new, we need time to make change and establish new habits in our life. So, if you are already feeling anxious about the new year/new you hoopla... know that change doesn't happen overnight. Give yourself a healthy amount of time to make change or progress. Remember, slow and steady always wins the race.

While I'm always excited about the new year as well, I like to take time to recap the past year and get focused and centered. Over the past few weeks I've been taking time to really connect with myself, family, and God to figure out how I want to move through 2017.  I'm so excited about what I've discovered thus far, and I can't wait to apply what I now know! This year will be dedicated to being more aligned spiritually and professionally, as well as being more passionate, patient and persistent with the things I love!

Below are 5 things I'm doing in 2017 and sources I love!

1. Less is more
(I watched this documentary and felt forever changed).

2. Disconnect
(Social media is a time thief...I refuse to be robbed of precious time in 2017. More on that HERE)

3. Join a study group
(Needing to connect more with other God chicks to stay focused. I love THIS group & site)

4. Meditate | Relax 
(THIS app has been my new best friend)

5. Listen
(I love podcast that help me grow spiritually and professionally... Both HIM & HER inspire me)


  1. I love the idea of disconnecting! i think we could all truly benefit from using less of it.

    1. Hi CeCe! Thanks for reading. Yes, I've already noticed that I have more time to read and snuggle with my teen...when he's not busy. Lol!


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