Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Organizing + New schedule

I am creating another new blog schedule. A few of the old topics have run their course, so I'm working on new stuff to share with you all in hopes of keeping this blog interesting {for me and you}, fun, interactive, and enlightening. If there is something in particular you'd like to see me blog more about, or maybe something you'd like me to keep blogging about please comment below or email me. I love knowing which topics you guys like most!

Anyhoo, yesterday evening my intern Stella came by and we did more organizing projects in my office. I'm trying to create a system so that I'm not scrambling to find my supplies while I'm creating and filling orders. It's always nice when Stella and I get down to business because we now seem to have a routine. She comes upstairs to my office, takes off her shoes and grabs a spot on my fuzzy rug. I give her a task and she gets busy! I always turn on a fun station on Pandora radio {yesterday's station was Florence + the Machine} and we worked for 2 - 3 hours straight while talking about fashion, and current events.


  1. Love your little organizing pics, I look forward to your posts, so I'm game for whichever path you turn down.


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