Monday, September 12, 2016

Monday Musings

Hey there lovelies! Hope you all welcomed September with open arms...I know I did! I'm so excited about cooler temperatures, boot season, the holidays and my upcoming 10-year wedding anniversary trip! I've already started mapping out our sightseeing, eating excursions, wine tasting adventures and all of the cute outfits I'll! I'll be blogging more about the whereabouts of our upcoming trip soon!

Anyhoo, I was off the blog grid for a bit because duty called (work) and I also took an impromptu trip to Cleveland, Ohio to visit family. My paternal grandmother is 102 years old, and it's always pure joy when I get a chance to visit with her. The years are precious, so I want to make sure I soak up as much of the essence of Grandma Naomi as possible. She's such a gem! She's a voracious reader and is currently reading two novels, and her nightly ritual reading of The Bible and the local paper. Her mind is so sharp and she's up on all the current events....including celebrity gossip. Lol! I can only pray that God will grant me such longevity, along with a sharp mind and healthy spirit. She's nothing short of amazing!

I didn't have a scheduled post today, but I wanted to drop in and say "hey!" I'll be back this week with my Top 5 post, and more details on my upcoming anniversary trip! Chat soon!

Petal Palette Mug | Anthropologie
Cover Up Dress | Anthropologie
Birkenstocks | Nordstrom Rack (similar ones here)
Daishiki | Atlanta (similar ones here)
Jeans | Forever 21
Gladiator Sandals | Gap (similar ones here)


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